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The Badger

Often times my customers ask if we can’t just clean their area rugs in their home, rather than bringing them into our shop.

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Hot Tip #9

"How can I get merlot or burgundy wine out of white carpeting?"

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Hot Tip #8

"What can I do to prolong the life of my upholstered furniture?"

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Hot Tip #7

"What's the best way to take care of fine area rugs and beautiful orientals?"

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Hot Tip #6

"What can I do about the small bleach stains left in my carpet by dripped bathroom cleaner and acne medicine?"

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Hot Tip #4

"I use your spot cleaner often, but is there anything I can do to enhance the process?"

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Hot Tip #3

"You say vacuuming is so important. Which vacuum should I buy?"

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